Thursday, February 16, 2012

The only snow play of the year

So we had our first accumulation of snow this week...crazy for Kansas to have it be this late in the winter and this little accumulation when it does come.

It's been driving Caleb CRAZY!  He has this whole thing planned out how he's going to make a snow fort and have snow ball fights with teams of adults versus kids, girls versus boys, and so on.

So imagine his disappointment when not only did it take this long in the winter to get snow, but when the measly amount did come, he was sick and I wouldn't let him go out and play in it.

So we got home from a movie this afternoon and the kids noticed two little patches of snow left from where it had been shoveled into a big pile...and they took their chance at playing in the snow!

And, yes...that's Shana in a short sleeved t-shirt (it was warm enough...that's what I was wearing taking these shots)...and that's Caleb in his heavy coat...and he wouldn't take it off no matter how many times I told him it was plenty warm out.  I think maybe having the coat on added to the feeling that he was playing in snow! :)

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