Monday, January 30, 2012

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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Getting ready for ball season

We took advantage of this amazing weather today to start getting ready for their ball seasons!

She was wiggling her little butt waiting for the pitch!

She's got her eye on the pitcher

And she's keeping her eye on the ball - following the pitch...

And then here's how she swings every time...eyes closed!  She says "I'm afraid the ball's going to hit me."  I tried to explain that closing your eyes isn't going to stop it from hitting her...Good Luck breaking this habit, Coach Stacy!

And, yes, that's one of his sister's softballs...we were using all the baseballs and softballs we had with both kids (so we weren't always waiting for them to return to the pitcher to hit again)...but I swear he does have baseballs, too! :)

Slumber Party

Shana had Ava over last night to spend the night...and of course it involved the DS and the Wii!

 Evan Caleb got into the Just Dance 3 action...

I don't know what was cracking her up...but she was laughing so hard!

Right after a "hair flip" move on Just Dance 3

 She showed us several times throughout the night that she could do the splits...but this time Caleb was trying to do them with her and this was the look she gave him!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Hanging out with some nerf-gun shooters!

My friend Amanda let me hang out with her two boys today...lots of nerf gun action!  I had so much fun playing with these guys!

Such an extremely photogenic little guy...loved it! 

This fun mom knows her way around her nerf guns!

I love him stretching to get the nerf bullets off the window to reload!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Taking advantage of the great weather!

We hit the park today for some more fun in the great weather!

While the boys played with their RC trucks, Shana brought her scooter...

And then we played on the playground...

Friday, January 13, 2012

An evening at our house

I'm loving practicing...and I want to practice getting those unscripted, life moments, so I took some shots at our house last night.

This is how Shana chose to hang out close to Kevin while he looked at some paperwork...

I found Caleb sneaking a play on my phone...

Shana being bored in her room...

And hiding herself under her stuffed animals...

And then she decided to do what she does best...her art!

The corner of her desk exemplifies her...crayons, paints, a floral arrangement, her cup of water for while she works and her new DS which she uses mainly as an MP3 player with external speakers...had I known that was really what she wanted it for, Santa could have saved some trouble and just got her the MP3 player!  Oh, but she does use the camera function...oh, and the PicToChat function...basically everything except the games that is its main purpose!