Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Random pics...

Here's our "Buggy" letting me know that it's HER toy...

The kids and I went to the Discovery Center in Topeka today...some fun shots of the kids playing with various things there...
The art exhibit lets kids paint on the glass walls.  The orange cast is from the orange window at the west end of the building (it's a rainbow of windows).

She was playing with the crutches but they were the bigger set there and she was having trouble...but having fun!

This next series of pics of Caleb aren't the best photographs technically (not as sharp as I'd like and some funky lighting), but I love them because they prove the genetic connection between my son and my brother...and anyone that knows Chris knows why!

So lots of people stick their tongues out when concentrating...but not so many do it to the side in the check and you can't see it very well in this pic because I wasn't at the best angle (and it's not in focus)...but sure enough, that's where Caleb's is!

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